10 Quests of Life

Life contains missions that are waiting to be tested and acted on. Make a list for yourself and start dedicating your life to finish them. It will boost your life and cheer up some parts of you that need time to look at and to be tested.

Here are my top 10 life missions and quests.

  1. Doing the dishes
    Very simple one wherebyeĀ you do the dishes when you are camping or just at home. I hear you asking why this is a mission. Well it’s because it is an activity that brings you back to the moment if you focus on the moment while doing the dishes. It is very advisable to do some sort of dishes during the week to wash your mind psychologically.
  2. Get a first car
    (A basic one I know) Get a car yourself, maybe a new Tesla that is driven on solar energy and contains an engine that can be spoken of. I definitely want to buy a Tesla when I have the money to buy it. It is such a smooth design and it is run on eletricityĀ which makes it co2-proof.
  3. Travel to a different continent
    Go travel to a different continent to get some new life experiences which make up your minds perspectives on the world. I wanted to go to Asia and I did, namely to Thailand. It is really beautiful and the culture is very people loving. There are some big contrast’s too but that is because of the social layers that are being layed out. The distance between poor and rich people is huge. Many western businesses are settled there and the main culture has to deal with that. It is said that the darker you are the more poor you ‘look’.
  4. Get a girl- or boyfriend
    Go find someone you can share your life with. Being in a relationship gives room for thought, trips, sharing your life and being with someone who cares about you. It will make your life more brightful if you believe in it and act on it.
  5. Keeping some plants
    Buy some plants for in your home. It gives a fresh look and gives oxygen for free.
  6. Go for a walk
    Walking is very useful to clear your mind and also to get some activitytime to be active and burn some fat. It clears space for your mind to think. Do it at least 2-3 times a week at to fully benefit from it.
  7. Finish a study or a course
    Go start a study or a course online and get a diploma after finishing it. (only when you really want this, not just for fun)
  8. Get a hobby
    My hobby is writing and drawing. I love to make some pieces of art and to see some results. Also writing is one of these things I can’t be living without anymore. It is my way of sharing who I am and that feels good so I won’t stop with that haha.
  9. Read a book
    It never gets old to read a book. It challenges what you think is real and truth. Furthermore it can be a doorway to other peoples lives that lived here before us on planet earth.Ā Get yourself some books and enjoy the ride.
  10. Conquer your fears
    This is one of the most challenging of all. To conquer your fears. How the hell do you do it and what are your fears? It is the ultimate test of life to challenge and conquer your fears. And remember that the greatest knowledge is to know tyself.

Know Thyself

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