Conquering Fear

What is fear? Fear is the state wherewith you feel unsafe, that might be due to your circumstances, you past experiences and your way of being today.

What to do when you experience fear?

Challenge it.

Just challenge yourself to do it. Afterwards you can cheerish the succesfully made goal to challenge your fear. To conquer it.

I myself have always had the fear of being seen sweating or blushing. It is social pain I always felt. I thought I was useless and unable to deal with my anxiety.

Nothing about that is true.

I can do something about it and that is to do it and to train myself to see that not all my fears or conclusions in my head are right. Most of all they are too fearful which has nothing to do with reality but everything with the interpretation.

Of course you can’t control your thoughts but you can change the way you see them and accept them. I think that acceptance is the key to be able to deal with anxiety and fear. When you experience social pain you are able to feel some compassion towards yourself for having these thoughts and to a certain point feel safe.

Make a monsterlist

Write down your fearful things you need to conquer.

for example:

  1. go take the lift (fear for taking the lift)
  2. go ask a stranger where you can buy something to eat
  3. go give a presentation about a certain subject to an audience
  4. talk about your fear to other like-minded people
  5. find a way of seeing your fear from different perceptions (fast, slow, impact, guilt, insight)

Go through the day and finish one of these monsters on the list. After finishing cross the name and feel relieved for doing it and seeing the results.

You can keep a diary or a journal which shows you what you have done and that can relief some tension because you can look at your personal life experiences from a distant perspective.

It helped me to get out of my head into my feelings and just express what’s in there.

Bottling up is not a good idea. So find some way to express yourself, through writing, painting, singing, dancing or sporting and feel at ease with the moment.

It all sound so easy but it’s not. It takes a lifetime to be fully at ease. Even then everything can get rough and meaningless. But persisting to go through is a lovely mindset to face all your fears.

I hope you found it interesting and useful.

See you next time.



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