Time moments

Time is something strange and beautiful at the same time. It is that which brings people together and away from each other. Which shows you what change is and what a moment is like.

Your biological clock is always ticking. Slowly your body is restoring itself every single day. It is slowly moving towards death.

The human made time clock is also always ticking. Only this bye a mechanism on a plate with certain numbers on it. It makes the fourth dimension come true. To make an appointment with another person on time x.

Without that society would not be able to grow and act as it is today.

Time is the technology for human beings to make a planning, to make appointments, to be somewhere together at a certain time period.

So that is systematically and theoretically.

Now what does time feels like?

It can be slowing down and one minute feels like a hour or it can be going so fast that one hour feels like one minute.

It is the way you look at it which gives you a strange feeling of what it is.

It is of course man made but even tough it’s man made it can be having a feeling like attitude.

For example the end scenario as in the movie ‘Inception’ where you are left over with the idea of being in a dream or in reality. It is actually a dejavu moment of a certain moment which has been seen before. That’s why it is unknown if it is happening for the first time or that it is still going on like in a dream.

I think that it could be both. That you are alive in your dreams and in present daylight and that these two realities or dimensions exist together without interfering.

What do you think?

Is this real, are you dreaming or is it something else ?

I hope you feel attracted to these thoughts too.

I can’t get enough of it.

So I would recommend to watch the movie, ‘Inception’. If you want to get a strange feeling of what time is. Or what dreams are.

See you the next time.



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