Knowing thyself

You know to know life is also to know thyself. Who or what is governing your life and what is it all about?

Who is listening and talking?

What are you doing in life?

What is life?

Well you see that these are some tough and difficult questions that are being answered to or searched for since the first time human beings started to walk on planet earth.

I think that the ‘I’ is a misconception for a gravitational push and pull wherewith you send energy out and receive it. The ‘I’ thinks it is doing these things while it’s actually not. It happens by itself.

So when that is so what are you if it happens by itself?

It is like cosmological music that is playing wherewith everything is corresponding. It’s consciousness that is being seen, experienced and felt. Constantly moving and interacting with your mind, body and soul.

Your soul is connected to some deeper dimensions wherewith you tap from source energy. Your body is connected to all biological patterns. Your mind is above the body connected to all starsystems. It’s about mind and mechanism.

So life is energy coming through consciousness and is expanding and evolving. A continuum of energy that forms into different inlets and outlets.

For me it feels very fascinating to realize that all this is happening through me and I am the observer of it. The state of non-being, non-existent. The state of no-mind. Being nothing but speciousness.

I think the moment you realize that you are not your mind, body or soul that you will begin to see life differently. For that you are able to see without attaching to anything. It happens spontaneously and it doesn’t need something or someone to do it. You don’t do it. If you are aware of it or not it happens by itself.

Like a ball that is being thrown and comes back. Like a golf in the ocean that goes on. Like an organism that is breathing that is living. Like an organism that is moving. Like an organism that has a certain awareness of what life is.

As last, I hope you will share my or your own view on life and knowing thyself. I just want to say that life is wonderful and I feel blessed to be sharing this to you. Thank you


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