Recently, after a long time of doing nothing, I began to start training at the gym again. There I noticed how some people whom I haven’t seen for a long time and now I saw them they really did me realize that real growth or transformation is possible. They looked very strong and dedicated to themselves and strength training itself. It showed me how hard work and dedication can alter your mood bye transforming your mind, body and spirit.

I feel a lot of respect to those who go from scratch, doing nothing, to lifting or pushing a lot of weights in a way that is mentally tough. Their dedication is pure and visible in their body structure and the way they train. It shows real strength that is obtained bye dedicating time and energy to strength training.

I myself have been rowing for two years with a little bit of strength training during the week. Knowadays I am only going to the gym to do strength training and some cardio or bodypump movements.

It is a great way to transform myself from neutral fit to ultimate fit wherebye I can do pull-ups, benchpresses, squats, sprints and burpees with more and more weight.

I want to push myself to the limits. And every time I feel that I am becoming stronger I feel dedicated and good about my way of living. It motivates me now to keep working on my technique and feel the total movement of the exercise.

But I have to say that relaxation is necessary for growth so I should not go too hard. From time to time I have to treat myself with great self care so that I stay mentally, physically, emotionally and spirituality in balance.

If I look back at the last year I see that during my depression and burnout, I didn’t sport anymore. The only thing I wanted was rest and away from my emotions. It all bottled up. My body began to show some real signs of exhaustion and I was totally burned out.

Now after long periods of recovering I am finally transforming and becoming stronger and stronger. Stronger than I have ever been. That makes me feel good and motivated. I know how it feels to be broken and left out. When everything goes wrong and nothing can alter your mood. Going through infinite emotional rollercoasters and knowing that nothing will help to stop it.

So now I have gone through these days I know where to look out for. What I should do to protect my values and personal space. And last but not least, what I can do to stay psychologically and physically healthy.

That is what I call a real transformation.

Have you experienced some dark days too? Are you getting back on track too? Or are you going strong in the gym? I am curious about your life story and why you are training.

Also if you are not training or haven’t experienced these dark days I hope something in this message can mean something to you.

Much love and peace,



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