I see you at the end of the tunnel

Dear Barble,

I see you right in front of me

I take you in my hands and lift you up

I feel tension and a burden

To pump it up

To get it from the ground

To feel the pain

To go through it

And to feel relieved

Tension flowing away

Is one of the most valuable feelings

That bring you further and keep you going

Into ways of sporting

Into ways of thinking

Into ways of being

Making you go through

Hell and pain

Right to the gates of heaven and relaxation

There you are

Right behind the obstacle

Forebye the monster

Behind the wall

Because you went through

You killed the monster

You got over the wall

And you made it alive

Cheers for your workout

Cheers for your battle

Cheers for you keeping your head up



And feel alive

Feel thankful for your winning moment

Feel blissful to make it through

Feel motivated to go on

Do it.

Go on!

end of tunnel

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