Everything happening right now

At this moment everything is happening at the same time. You might be thinking what a stupid idea or fact but that is not the case.

Right know a bus driver is driving around to bring people from place A to B. He or she is doing that on time. A time schedule is made which can be seen and used by passengers and the busdriverĀ him- or herself. The time notes the departure and arrival. With these two pieces of information and busdriver you can take a bus to whatever location you want. The busdriver is responsible for bringing you to the right place at the right time. While you are in the bus you don’t have to care about the trip or destination. It is all well layed out so that you only have to sit down and pay bye card. You can do what every you want in the time you are traveling to a certain place. The busdriver is doing that for you.

Also people working on the streets are busy with laying down the cables for the internet, water and gas beneath the ground. Big excavators are used to dig under the main level of the normal street. Many workers are digging in the ground, laying down some cables and restore it as it was or maybe even better than before so that everybody can move on it.

Then some birds are flying around, from building to building, catching some food out of the ground and moving on. You can see them sitting on the side part of a building, on a bench, on the street, in a park, on a lamppost. Sitting there chirping to some other bird. Flying away or walking around a little bit.

In contrary to the streetworkers who are outside there are a lot of people who work inside. In a building, at home or at a school. Work like making analyses, doing purchases, sell something, invest in something, advise someone, design something, invent something, do some accountancy or make a rapport or research paper.

It all happens while I am sitting in a train that is moving from one place to another. While I am typing this I think about all the things that are happening right know at the same time. It fascinates me to know that everyone is having their own realityview and does something differently than me or someone else. Everybody is seeing life from their perspective and these are not the same.

Far from that. Many have totally different viewpoints on life, society, politics, philosophy, school or work. Everywhere you go someone is doing something or just doing nothing. Thinking about life, work or school. Moving bye car, public transport, bike or barefoot.

The speed is different for many people. Some go very fast, some go slow and some are in-between. It depends on the job, the environment and the services all around. I myself move bye public transport and a bicycle. I love to bike to random places just to look around and be active. On a bicycle you can look around while you are moving towards certain places. One of the most typical transportation designs seen world wide in the Netherlands is a bicycle. I am proud of that and also our infrastructure which is well layed out for passengers bye car, train, bus, bike or barefoot.

Last but not least, people who are flying. Imagine that you are sitting in a train and watching some birds, cars and people moving bye. Then imagine yourself like you are in an airplane and see some clouds and a lot of air. From both perspectives you try to see it at the same time, that gives you a certain feeling of what time is and what is happening at the same moment. Totally different realities laid out on planet earth. Every single human being or animal is having their own reality that is working out on planet earth.

Fantastic if you think about that. Let’s think about it for a while and see if it will transcend our reality.

I hope it will.




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