Unusual happenings

Right know I am sitting in a bus on our way to Zagreb. During the trip I try to imagine some unexpected things that could happen while I am sitting in this bus. See here beneath what they are.

1. Flying in the air

Imagine sitting in a bus that goes flying in the air and comes back on the highway after 5 km in the air.

2. Trees flying around

Imagine driving on the highway while all of a sudden several trees start to fly around your vehicle. They scratch the roof and fly further into the air. It makes you feel dizzy because so many trees fly meters high before, next and behind you.

3. Grass falling out of the air.

Imagine sitting in a bus while all of a sudden thousands or millions of pieces grass flying around. Taking in all the sight there is. Totally green everywhere you look. Total madness.

4. Potatoes flying out of the air.

Several potatoes falling out of the sky. Devastating collapsing sounds of potatoes that fall on the roof. People on the street running away in every possible way that goes to a place to shelter. The sound of the potatoes is killing your senses. It sounds like bricks that fall down.

5. Meteorite falling down

In the dark night sky a burning meteorite the size of Las Vegas is heading towards planet earth. It goes as fast as a formule 1 car (400-600 km/h). You have no choice but to face the collapse right in front of you in about 2 minutes. It will be devastating. What are your last thoughts?

Well that are some imaginable scenarios that could happen while I am heading towards Zagreb. Let’s hope some other unwritten scenarios will happen instead of these.

Let’s face it and see what will happen.



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