Speed of light

Knowadays transport goes bye car, airplane, bycicle or barefoot. It takes a few days to cross the ocean or a continent.

Due to internet you have access to have contact with someone else in just a few seconds. Imagine that you could travel at the speed of light.

Boom in one sec around the globe.

Boom in one sec to the moon.

Boom in a few weeks to another star system.

Boom in a year to another galaxy.

It sounds sci-fi but it should be possible. The only thing holding us back is that the technology is not advanced enough to do it.

Let’s hope for the future where transportation will be elevated to a much higher level.

Where there is a hyperloop, a tube that transports people.

Where all technology is interconnected and can communicate with each other.

Where AI is safely implemented

Where the first Cyborgs are walking around.

Where spacetravel to outer star systems is possible.

Where SpaceX is launching ordinary people into Earth’s atmosphere.

Also some new ways of recycling, sustainable solutions and the cleaning process of the sea.

A lot to wait for.

A lot to work for.

Let’s keep going and make this world a better place.




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