Feathers on your mind


I see you looking at me. How are you doing?

Did you respond this yourself or did I plant an opinion in a spotlight glimpse of your eyes.

I see you thinking. What is he thinking to be saying this to me like this?

What are you lookin at?

Does this conversation matter?

Well if you count the stars you get a glimpse of the distance they encounter. The light they give and shine to your eyes to be seen.

What do you want to do in your existence in the milky way galaxy?

What are you waiting for?

Can I touch your mind with soft feathers that say, hi I see you wandering around, I was curious about the waves you are sending out to me in high frequencies.

Could you be more precise than this time?

I feel your mind tinteling, fibering and transcending into outer space.

Light bulbs explode.

Colours mix up.

Booming sounds gettin through.

Please stay here.

Right in front of me.

Questioning existence.

With feathers on your mind.

What is life?

Don’t mind my darling.

You don’t need to know.

Just stay cool and trust yourself.

Answers will come.

Please wait.

You will realise before you know.

Just be patient.

Thank you.

Outer space touch my mind’s layers of existence.

Spread the word.

Hold nothing back.


And go on.

Yes I will see you inside.

Be careful.

It is very sensitive to be going that deep.

It is hollow filled with spaciousness.

Go on.

Speak to me in dream whispers.

I’ll see you tonight.

In my dreams.

In your dreams.

Where dreams are merging.

See you there.

With feathers on your mind.



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