So it is going on in my mind. Me myself and friends talking and being together. Holding space for one another. Saying things you care about. Sharing music and some humour beneath the sun and stars. Melting vibes into one big super happening that is awesome, liberating, free and uplifting. That’s what friends are for, they lift you up.

Even in the hardest times where everything seems to fail. They stand behind you and push you forward. To go on in life, to meet your friends and share meaningful moments to uplift each other.

Whenever you feel lost, stop fighting and forgive yourself. You’ve come a long way. Made it out alive and will overcome the next




star explosion,

seed of doubt,

wound full of pain,


You are here surviving a depression, a battle full of scars. Deep wounded hearts lurking for air. Please help me my dear.

All my friends are worth talking to or being with. Just to know you have some real friends makes a big change in one’s perception of life. For that I am grateful to have them.

Help me to stay alive, breathe fresh air and experience wonderful moments with those who I care about. Thank you universe for responding to my wishes. To get up and see the new horizon full of hope and beauty.

Just know that I will be there whenever you need me.


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