Gettin the flow

Biking, running, driving, flying on a certain course with curves and edges whereon you move. The smoother the better. Gettin the fly zone and merge with the journey. Reach a speedlimit of 300km per hour. Focus only on the trip.

It gives you goose bumbs.

It gives you adrenaline.

Just a super awesome activity which makes you feel alive.

I want to go onto multiple journeys.

In a rollercoaster, airplane, bicycle or a car. Reaching high speed limits and reaching insane levels of dopamine and adrenaline.

Going fast and feeling the moment like there is nothing else that matters for these minutes that you are going fast and smooth through the highways on planet earth and in the air.

Feeling the speed, the journey, the adrenaline and cognitive ecstasy.

Gettin a kick out of the flow which makes you feel great and alive.

When do you have such a moment or trip and what do you like about it?

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