Replace God bye Humanity and peace and harmony will flourish

Replace God bye Humanity and you will see that praying, showing gratitude towards God or a higher being or consciousness and doing that towards humanity is actually the same way of behaving which I think is necessary for total peace on earth. Not to show critic and try to debunk God, but merely to show a new way of looking at the world, humanity and life in a way that encourages everyone on this planet to truly live together without creating seperatedness, conflict and war, but to empower each other and thank each other for doing what they are doing so that everybody can live together in peace and harmony.

Imagine people going to a resort or a place where you can meditate in siocne  pray or just experience something mystical because the place you are at is designed to get a mystical and fulfilling experience.

I call it a meditation box which is designed to feel at ease in. You can enter it with a clubcard just like you go to the gym. After an hour of sitting in it you feel centered and peaceful.

Inside the meditation box you can choose certain surroundings, music and lessons about nature, the universe or mindfulness.

It should be avoidable for young and old. A price each time you go, or a membership for let’s say, ‘InvolutionNow’.

You can place them in a city or a village all over the world.

What do you think?

Should it be made?

Do you want to use it?

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