Mindshifting in space


I am Ben and I am writing you this personally.

I want you to know that you are beautiful.

Not just outwardly but especially inwardly.

Come and follow me for a while.

I will show you peace in a new paradigm.

It is sweet, soft and hard.

All at the same time.

Come and I will show you the new paradigm.

You will be shifted into new ways of thinking, being and knowing.

Did you know you are made of stardust baby?

Did you know your heart is your greatest asset?

Did you know you are a beautiful human being living on planet earth in the solar system that is rotating in the milky way galaxy?

Did you know that New Years Eve is a wonderful party to shoot fireworks into the air and face the new year with pride and bright, wise goals to live by.

Colours, tastes, happenings and some wine.

Yes it will be great.


Before that you have to apologize.

That you have gone so far.

Without blincking an eye.

Yes you did.

It’s beautiful.

Just go on like this.

And you will know.

That the shift is on.


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