Launching ourselves into 2019

Feel the sun.

Feel the moment.

It comes and it goes.

Up and down.

High and low.

Dark and bright.

Follow the whispers of your heart and feel the softness spreading over your body, mind and soul.

Search for hidden meaning in the depth of the unconscious.

Take my hand and follow me to the light.

I will show you what miracles are.

I will show you what wonders are.

I will blow your mind away.

I will make you rethink your life.

Allright let’s talk about year 2018.

A year full of tears, scars, wounds, migrants, climate change, war in the middle east, political instability, Trump, ISIS, death and insecurity.

But also hope, accomplishments in science, new technologies, reduction in CO2, more democracies, more openness, more spirituality, more oneness and togetherness.

Let’s focus on the path in the middle.

Between left and right.

Between high and low.

Between hard and soft.

Between life and death.

There lays down the key to happiness.

Find your key and make it work.

Eventually you and others will be living a more meaningful life.

I hope u will have a great 2019.


Year 2019 will be a level up.

Say yes if you agree and launch yourself into the new year at 1 Januari 2019, 00.00 am.

Have a good New Year’s Eve and I will see you next year.

Much love and peace,


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