Down the Rabbit Hole: To the Bottom of the Sea [part 2]

Allright it is time to dive deep into the rabbit hole. First I want you to make clear that this is going to be a tough mindtrip. Second, it will not be as usual. It will be deadly serious and frightening. But.. You will feel better afterwards. So. Follow me. Imagine you are walking on a platform. It begins to shake. You begin to shake. All of a sudden the platform you stand on begins to move away beneath your feet. Boom! You are falling, falling and falling. Deep down into the rabbit hole. It is a dark hole that goes deeper and deeper. There you are. You see blackness gravitating around you. Your breath is high, your heart rate is high, you feel true anxiety. The fear of death is rising up. Then.. You fall on the bottom of the sea. You see seamonsters circling around you. They speak in a weird language you don’t understand. So you want to go back up. How? There is no rope, no ladder, nothing to get you back up to the platform. Well..

What to do when everything seems so dark beneith here? Start talking to the seamonsters. Only when you let go of everything you want to do you can join them in the seacocktailbar beneath the ground. It is dark, lonely, scary but after a long time it begins to feel safe. They accept you and you accept them. Finally you start talking to them. You begin to understand their way of being. Of being down at the bottom of the sea. Working hard to get some food and something to drink. It is hard. They have some real tough life experience. And you? Everything so safe at the top of the sea.. You have dealt with nothing but the social ladder. Going to school, making money and hanging out. They.. Had to give up the believe of someone who helps them, that someone else will fix their life or that life is easy. In return they created their own reality, their own existence. And hard work pays off. They can live at the bottom of the sea where everything is very dangerous. They are accepted bye all the seamonsters and are able to do things beyond their normal human limit. It’s crazy but true. They are true heroes. They know what ups-and-downs are. They teach you how to fix your own life. To mind your own life. To get some toughness in you. To get back up after falling thousands of meters down to the bottom of the sea. They know what a tough life is.

I hear you thinking why I am saying this to you? Well.. Because this experience of going to the bottom is the start of your journey towards your own lifefulfillment. No one else will fix it for you. So stay tuned and maybe it will work out here at the bottom of the sea. Want to know how? Read the next article, Down the Rabbit Hole: Out of the Rabbit Hole [part 3] and I will see you there.



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