Down the Rabbit Hole: Out of the Rabbit Hole [part 3]

Allright there you are. Right at the bottom of the sea.

How did it go?

Did you make friends?

Did you get some life experience there between all these unknown beings?

Did you feel safe or was it frightening?

I can tell you that you don’t have to be there forever.


It would make a difference to feel at ease at the bottom of the sea.


Because then you can learn to fall and get up again.

Imagine you are playing judo and you want to practise falling on the ground. One thing you should not do is try to resist it. No, you have to break the fall bye tapping on the ground.

This is the same with your mind. When you fall into your psyche you don’t try to resist it but tap the bottom of the sea before you fall.

Then you will fall safely and know what you are doing.

So to get up out of the rabbit hole you have to go up. You can move on certain platforms or bye swimming or climbing.

It’s not easy but if you test every path you know you will see that some fall apart. When you stand on it they break and you fall down again.

That’s why it is necesarry to think twice before you make the next step.

So what do you want to do?

Stay at the bottom of the sea?

Allright make the best of it.

Or do you want to go up to the surface again?

For the last one I will invite you to expect some real survival skills along the way. When you climb and swim and climb and swim it will be tough to stay on the path you are on.


Because some seamonsters will try to put you down.


Because not everybody likes the surface. Some will do everything to push you to the ground.

That’s okay but not so fine if you want to get back up.

So make sure you go along a path that suits you and where you are smarter in moving along the way than the seamonsters.

Allright I know for myself which pathways work and which not. But even after trying a lot of pathways I discover new platforms that break and new ones that stay perfectly strong.

What did it give me to go down the rabbit hole and back out of it?

A sense of safety to be able to get down and up whenever I want. It feels good to master your way of being. For sofar that is possible of course.

But.. It won’t come along by itself.

You have to put a lot of work into it and be willing to win from the seamonsters.

What I didn’t say is that the seamonsters are imaginations in your own mind. They don’t really exist but can feel real and do change your way of thinking.

So it is still important to be smarter than your own demons.

From here I will tell you what I got out of it.

I learned to find pathways that work.

I learned to know who I can trust and who not.

I learned to make up my own mind and not someone else.


Because otherwise someone else will give me a path or a hand but when I fall down again I won’t be able to get up. So this series of down the rabbithole is there to help you get up and down whenever you want.

So this is it for today. The next episode will be about Rebirth, go check it out, Out of the Rabbit Hole: Rebirth [part4].

I hope you got something out of it and try to use it for your own journey here on planet earth.



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