Down the Rabbit Hole: Rebirth [part 4]

Becoming whole is a process that takes a lifetime to reach full potential here on planet earth. You cannot be whole without practice, care, curiosity and persistence. You need to be willing to be whole and work on yourself everyday. It takes a lifetime to be fully at ease with yourself and find your true power and make it work out in your own life. The moment you fully accept yourself is the moment you are whole. Many spiritual teachers talk about it, every one differently than the other. That’s because everybody is unique and expresses it in a different way. That’s why you cannot cling to someone else if you want to become whole. You have to start exploring all your sides inside you so that you can become whole and express yourself in your own creative and unique way. Some need an ‘ego death’ or a ‘rebirth’ to know themselves. When you are recovering from a deep dark period called ‘the dark night of the soul’ you will face a lot of diffuculties. You will see that many assumptions, ideologies, beliefs and hopes are not what you thought it was.

It takes away everything you thought would be true, or reality, and gives back some softness in the form of peace and energy after going through all these moments and obstacles. It is totally different for every person there is. Not everyone experiences it but some do. And who do will feel left with a sense of alienation of life and yourself. Out of this feeling you need to find meaning again. I will talk further about finding meaning in life after having gone down the Rabbit hole.

For now I want to go on talking about rebirth. It is totally worth it to search about it on the web. It will help you find clarity in your own life if you are going through difficult times. It helps a lot to always remember that one day it will all serve your life for the better. Only if you believe hard enough in your dreams they will happen and become true. Thank you for staying put to this step and I will see you in the next and last episode. Go check it out,  Down the Rabbit Hole: Finding Meaning [part 5].



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