Down the Rabbit Hole: Finding Meaning [part 5]

Allright so you have choosen the Red Pill from the scene with Morpheus in the Matrix. You have gone down the Rabbit Hole and all the way up. You have faced yourself bye questioning everything there is. You have felt some ways of being different than before or feeling alienated. And you had doubts about your beliefs that lay down inside your mind.

So what to do next when you have gone through all of this? Well I will tell you. You will try to discover new ways of living. When you start something new you will discover more sides of yourself. Bye doing so you will create meaning in your life. This is very important. Why? Well, as Carl Jung stated, ‘’Man cannot stand a meaningless life’’. So the way to get out of the misery and loneliness or despair is to create meaning, for yourself and for others. How you do that is totally your own choice. I cannot tell you what to do. But.. I can give you some tips to start with.

You can do something you have never done before like writing, starting a business, exercising, playing sports, creating art, playing music or singing. Then you will make your own authentic twist around it bye using creativity and bye doing so you are already creating meaning in your life. It’s that easy. So when do you begin? Well every moment has the same potentiality to start something new. So.. You can begin every moment, right now, this precious present moment.

After many try outs, failures and struggles you will find the flow and eventually will succeed in something. If not try again or try something different. It will boost your life energy and upgrade your mind. It really does. Do it when the time feels right. But also know that you will never be fully ready to begin so do it anyway. I wish you luck and hope that eventually will find meaning in your life. This was the last episode of the series of ‘Going Down The Rabbit Hole’, I hope you will succeed on your trip into the rabbit hole and of it. I also hope to see you soon in future posts that will be updated on this website. Thank you for staying put and feel free to text me whenever you want to ask or say something to me. You are doing great, so be glad you made it out alive till now. You will face wonderful moments that are coming to you.



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