Planet Earth needs Change Agents

All of the things we have in society today is because of the hard work of the people of the past and of the present moment.

All the generations before us have done a lot of work. Hard work.


To live, to be able to withstand nature and to do everything possible to survive.

What did it give?

Technological advancements, Curing diseases, International Relations, Space Flight and unfortunately a lot of war.

We should thank all the people who have done their work for that they made it possible for us to survive.

Now our task is to let the new generations survive too.

How on earth are we going to do that when the Earth is heating up due to human beings rapping up the speed of climate change.

Well it’s simple.

Give credits to the people who run society of today and inspire the generations that will take it over to take into account the following things:

  1. No one will fully at ease with what you say. You neither about what they say.
  2. Everybody will do their best to protect the things they value. If that is society as it is today they will protect that with everything they have. So start using ways to talk about it in a way that is compassionate for that real hard work is involved in it.
  3.  If you show the way to go many will follow. You don’t have to do a lot but even when you clean up your street at home people will follow doing that. So be a good example of how things could be.
  4. Cooperate with friends and family so that others will do that too. When all the generations are involved many will appreciate what you are doing and even start to change society themselves too.
  5. Don’t become disheartened when somebody will try to stop you. Know that many will go against your way of being because they don’t understand or accept it. Stay strong and seek like minded people who will encourage you.
  6. When you are lost. Get back to nature and remind yourself of who you are.

We need to help people get along with each other. No matter what belief or job they have. We need to cooperate. The smoother the better. The more humane the greater. The more soft the more it will nourish our souls.

It is time to stop believing all the things society teached you.

It is time to start teaching society about nature, human nature and how we can adapt to nature instead of spoiling nature and trying to change it.


Education about climate change.

Education about society that needs to change.

Man is never fully at ease with society as it is today.

That’s why we should not accept society as it is today.

We should start making society as it should be.

More natural ways of being.

More compassion for each other.

More uniqueness and creativity.

Less war, conflict or hatred.

All these things need to happen if we want to succeed in changing the system.

Everybody needs to do that. Even if it is a little bit. Every piece of society helps to change the whole of society.


If you are new in society.

If you are working right know in society.

If you are retiring from society.

We all need to accept the new and thank the old for what they’ve done and ask them for advice.

Without agreements about climate change, humanity, religion or science we cannot live on this planet.

We need to evolve from within to evolve from without.

It is the only change of succeeding.

Change is the only way that helps and it has always been this way.

The only thing that makes it hard is clinging on to a building that will be washed away bye the ocean.

Start seeing the world as it will be.

And become a real changeagent that will succeed in helping the people to  adapt to the new world.



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