The Universe that is Conscious of Itself

Look outside, see the sun, see the trees, see the wind.

It all connects, it all happens.

It is so precious.

You cannot grasp it.

Go alone, go deep, go gentle into that good night.

See the stars, see them coming, and passing.

It´s bizarre, yet comprehensible.

The matrix right in front of you.

Confronting peoples beliefs and hopes.

To break out of your scope and heal your mind, body and soul.

Wherever you go it goes.

Wherever you think it thinks.

Wherever you walk it walks.

It is never ending.

Yet it is born out of a timeless vacuum.

It absorbs light and sends out energy.

It travels through the universe, in time, in spacetime.

Many slices of now folding open.

To be experienced bye living beings.






We will only learn more about our nature.

Nature already knows.

It is conscious of everything.

Through living beings it becomes conscious of itself.

One big consciousleap backwards to understand itself.

Isn´t that great?

It is.

It is one of the most profound things to realize here as a human being on earth.

So keep dreaming.

Keep looking.

Keep wondering.

Keep slowing down and rapping up the speed of light.

I will see you on the other side.



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