Who rules this planet?

I don´t know who rules this planet. I see governments, human beings, animals and they all share the same origins. I see people talking, on television, on the radio, at university, in politics, in your neighbourhood, at the soccerfield. Just everywhere. But who depends the topics where man is talkin about? Well.. I think it are not the politicians, presidents or professors but energy patterns that lie in the human consciousness. Deep inside the consciousness that exists as long as human beings exist. It gets updated and changes from form. But the intrinsic part stays the same. From that all human beings act and express themselves. Of course topics, thoughts and words change but the energy beneath is the source that talks out loud. When the total energy of human beings on planet earth gets changed, life begins to change. For the worse or for the good.

Imagine when you can change this energypattern that lies inside the womb of mankind. You become a sort of a god that changes the way people move and behave. It is their energy source, their god, their mother, their food, for thought, for emotional reactions, for expression, for sensation. It is all connected to each other.

So how do you keep your energy up to date. How do you get universal cosmic energy inside your belly?

Well.. it´s easy. Stay away from people that don´t take care of themselves. Embrace yourself with nature. Real nature. In front of trees, plants and the forest.

Come back fresh and clear and feel the energy vibrating inside your body. It is really the source that creates your mental attitude.

When the energy is clear, you can begin to change your mind so that it gets integrated inside your psyche. When you do this you will become more aware of your energy and that of those around you.

With this new awareness comes responsibility of the people, actions and words you choose. Because out of these decisions comes the new way you will live your life. So be careful and now that magic and power lays inside your psyche.

You choose what you become. No matter what has happened to you.

It is inside your mind, your body, your heart and soul.

Make the best of it.

I believe you will.



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