Future Society

Society is about value creation.

Making a chair from wood.

Making a house from bricks.

Making smartphones from tiny chips.

It all sums up.

To create value is to earn money.

Money is a tool to count value in the world.

Without money trade wasn´t possible.

So thank the invention of money because without trade we couldn´t have all the things we have right know.

So money is a tool to make trade possible.

When trade is possible, real specialisation is possible.

Specialisation makes greater and greater technological advancements possible.

In short, value creation is the driving engine of society.

Without value it stagnates.

It does not mean that when there is no creation of value that it falls apart.

No, it just goes slower and slower and slower.

Right now society is going faster and faster and faster.


Because the information in society is gettin easier and easier to obtain.

Due to the internet and technological advancement we can transfer information from every location you can imagine.

What does this mean?

That society is creating more and more value, it is going faster and faster.

The results are more technological advancements, more money for healthcare, more specializations, more trade and more universal patterns that are coming through.

What do I want to share with you?

The realization of what is possible in this era.

Imagine you can create whatever you want.

You could create the most sophisticated art, poetry, skillsets, systems and stories.

All will be updated this era.

Get ready for all the new options and advancements of society.

It will change faster than ever before.

That´s why you should focus on the future and adapt yourself to what is to come.

If you don´t watch out for what is coming you will be left out.

No hard feelings.

You need to improve yourself, adapt yourself and finally show yourself.


The internet, face to face or just going out there.

You need skills to create value.

And value is money.

So start something today which makes you skillfull.

It will help you in the long run.

I see you thinking why should I do that?

It will help your career and your overal health.

People need meaning in their lives.

So why not create value and meaning at the same time?

I think that is the businessmodel for the future, to create meaning and value at the same time.

I will be heading towards that businessmodel and hopefully it will work out.

Hopefully you do the same.



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