Existential Crisis as a Guiding Guide

You know I was thinking about the existential crisis and came up with the idea that the existential crisis makes you realize you know nothing.

That your life is not as perfect as it could be.

That you have lived according to someone elses beliefs.

And that the only way to get out of it is to know things, to do things, to change things. But you cannot know or do everything so how do you stay out of the realization that you know or do nothing?

Well I think itĀ“s about focussing on the things you want to know in life.

To focus on what you want to do.

To focus on what you want to accomplish.

To focus on the things you want to explore.

Which things do you desperately want to understand and do in your life?

These are the things you will focus on and then after many years you are creating things out of your curiosity to explore. You are doing things out of curiousity. It gives you peace, love and inner fulfillment.

It is that which you are living for.

Which makes you powerful.

Which makes you you.

Which makes your life your life.

So I think the answer is to focus on what you want in live and bye the time passing bye you are creating meaning, and meaning is the salvation to suffering.

So letĀ“s try to focus on what we love in life and hopefully the existential crisis will be a guiding guide towards a new and fulfilling life.

Know that you will have times where your doubt about everything will come back to you. Just remind yourself that that can give you insight in the things you need to do to change it and not as a fearful monster that is coming back. Use it as a guide to.

The things you havenĀ“t done but want to.

The things you did but not completely as you want it.

The moments you hope for but desperately didnĀ“t do for whatever reason.

So bye taking your own power back in your own hand and saying I want to do this and this. And I will do my best to make it work.

Then you are creating meaning and fulfillment.

Then you are heading towards your dreams.

AndĀ  when your dreams become reality you are actually living your dream.

So in short. The existential crisis gives you the insight in everything you know and donĀ“t know. It shines light on all your shortcomings, on all your beliefsystems and the way you have lived your life until this very moment.

And from that realization you can start over.

From that realization you can create whatever you want.

So stay cool, take action keep going to change your life in the way you want it to.

It is in your hands.



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