Spectrum of light

Imagine you are a beam of light traveling through the universe.

Traveling at the speed of light.

Gravity bending time.

Seeing stars, galaxies and black holes.

Feeling like you are having an eternal trip while here at home it is just like a few days.

Isn´t that crazy to feel like you went on forever while here on earth time feels like a few days.

I can bend my mind on that idea.

But not only that.

Light has a certain spectrum. The spectrum of light.

Between every colour is a beam of darkness.

Isn´t that great that even in the spectrum of light there is darkness between it.

It helps to relativise what the universe is made of and consists of.

When you are in a dark place somewhere on earth or in the universe, you will see all the light of the stars.

When you are on a place where there is light, on the planet, or on a star in the universe, you will see darkness everywhere.

It feels good to switch gears sometimes and see the light-darkness perspective.

It helps to get some knowledge about the way things are.

About life.

It is worth to play with perspective and see what it does with your mind, body and soul.

Like when the Sun goes up, you feel energized and become active and want to do things.

When the sun goes down, the evening begins and the moon is above. You calm down and reflect on what happened that day.

These cycles go on and on and on.

They are interconnected with every being on earth, in the solar system.

In astrology they map out what the influence from the stars is on your life here on planet earth.

They do have accurate measurements about every angle there is.

Even tough the interpretations are not all that accurate they do describe the relationship with the outer environment called space.

Only the influence of it on your life is open for debate.

That does not mean you can´t read it for meaning or knowledge.

It does give you precious information about the way things work.

So maybe you will find something in it too while you are traveling on planet earth, here in the solar system, that is in the milky way galaxy, which is in the entire universe.

Happy travelings.



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