Hsp experiencing emotions differently

I want to talk about emotions this day. Everyone has emotions and experiences them in a different way. That is not to say that one is good or bad.

No it’s just that everyone experiences emotions differently. Some will feel strong emotions of themselves and react on them, some won’t react on them and are more conscentious.

Then there are Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), who experience not only their own emotions but most of them experience also all the emotions of the people around them.

What does this say?

It means that these people absorb the emotions of the peope around them and experience it like they are of their own. That means that every single emotion there is can be experienced by HSPs.

So that can be tough, overwhelming, anxietyfull and scary. It can also be an advantage to experience everything so deeply because you feel what needs to be done in order to live in a way that suits most of the people you are with and eventually even yourself.

Well I myself am a HSP and since I was a little boy I experienced the world in and around me very intensely. I loved it. But the older I got the more fear I experienced. More anxiety wherever I went. Especially inside school in the classroom. It was really tough to be there.

Once I was outside it was all gone but inside it was like a thrilling boot camp while I was just sitting in a classroom full of other scholars.

So it can be a blessing to experience emotions so deeply but also a curse. I think that when you grow older you will be more mature and more able to deal with these emotions. But sometimes it can feel like the opposite because other people will carry a lot of emotional build up with them which are harder and more difficult to feel when you are around them.

So becoming aware of these emotions on daily basis is necessary to keep yourself grounded and stay in touch with your inner peace.  Just try to get through these emotions and not to cling on to it. The storm will eventually pass.

The more you experience these difficult emotions and learn from it the more you can get to know yourself. Bye doing so you can sense whenever it will go a certain way and that might lighten the burden of these weighted emotions.

Hopefully you will stay positive and keep going forward. It may be a long journey but the only way forward is to keep moving forward and never give up.



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