Only the ‘elite’ can be truly happy

Some say that the Elite have it all.

The money.

The time.

And the materialistic materials.

To live a ‘happy’ life.

Well let me tell you this.

No amount of money will make you truly rich.

No amount of free time will fix your psychological state.

No amount of materials can make you happy.

Of course having money will make life easier, more differentiated and with a lot to spend your money on.


Let me tell you this.

You cannot be happy with only money, time or materials.

Your psychological state may change a little bit in a way that causes you to suffer less, ore more of course.

Or that you become more stable in life.

But no amount of money, time or materials will fix your life.

You are actually already free once you take your power back.

Instead of blaming that only the Elite can have the best life there is is bullshit.

These are people too.

Of course in jobs or companies that are big and have a lot of money there is some wealth in it.

But does that make them happy?

To a certain degree it is.

But without proper health, family and friends you will end nowhere in life.

These people can only be happy if they are healthy, good with family and friends.

So these things are available without needing to be the ‘elite’ before you have access to a happy life.

Just start bye yourself, embrace your life, your family, your friends and start working on it.

Ways to do it is as follows.

1. Eating healthy, because good food is good mood. Which will help you feel better and have more energy.

2. Working out, get that body moving. When you exercise your body will produce more chemicals that boost your health. And your body will stay in shape. Maybe even looking good.

3. Family and friends, talk with people that are important to you. They do make a change and help you whenever life gets tough, they are there to help you. And they make life meaningful because of the connection you have, can have, with them.

4. Meditation, is seeking silence, and bye seeking silence you are meditating. Silence helps you to clear your mind, to get knowledge about life and to master your life.

So it are these four elements that are needed to live a happy life.

You don’t need to be the Elite or ‘rich’, so stop being jealous of rich people and start sharing your own beautiful life.

A beautiful life can be totally boring, not mainstream, weird or crazy.

But it’s you that makes it beautiful.

So hopefully you see some clear daylight without thinking that only the ´elite´ can be happy.

Remember that they are just people too.



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