Psychosis recovery

As a person who had a psychosis I´ve been medicated ever since.

What does it do?

And what can I do?

Well a psychosis makes you very sensitive to outer stimuli, which will affect your thoughts inside your brain.

During a psychosis you can´t know if something is outside of or inside yourself.

Your reality is happening around you, just like the real reality.

So you hear voices talking to you and want to do things in relation to these thoughts.

This can be tough and frightening because these thoughts now have an own will inside your brain.

What happens when you are diagnosed with psychoses?

You get medicines so that you become less sensitive to outer stimuli and your thoughts are being numbed down.

It helps to get less stimuli and less sensitivity to outer stimuli.

What it doesn´t do is that it does not take away thoughts or moods.

It only makes you less aware of what is happening inside your brain.

So only medication will dimm the light but in the long run the light is still there.

What can you do yourself then?

Well process everything through.

From thoughts, emotions to feelings and sensations inside you.


Bye talking to a therapist, a friend, a familymember or just someone you trust.

Then you have to try to understand what is going on inside your head.

The part about thoughts making your reality in a way that does not make you happy or at ease with life. These thoughts need to be understood to be able to accept them completely.

It is hard to do so.

Reading about psychosis, psychology or people who have gone through hard times might help to get some clarity.

Second you have to do something with the new you. You have to create things, like art, music, doing some sports or just something for yourself.


Because this will create space for yourself.

Bye understanding what is going on, talking about it and creating your own space, you will feel a lot better.

Then it is important to know that what you have experienced is temporarily.

The storm or deep turbulence may come back but nothing is chronic.

Even when you are chronically depressed you have some moments of relief.

(If not, maybe some weed oils might help to calm down.)

Third, a psychosis is something you experience but your family and friends are related to you so they are influenced bye this too.


They feel their own darkness inside, maybe get fearfull, or are afraid of what you are going through.

Some want to talk to you and some want to avoid it.

Try to find out who will talk about it and then talk to him or her.

It really helps to release all the stressful thoughts and emotions.

Remember that your friends and family members need to process these moments too.

After you have gone through a psychosis, try to talk to them again, it will change the situation and they will know how you are doing at the moment.

It  creates a sort of safetynet of protection when you are falling back again.

So try to understand how life roughness is happening through you and embrace your friends and family to talk strength into them and receive peace, faith and hope.

You will all get back what you send out to others.

Know that there are a lot people who go through this.

They know what you are going through and will help you.

You can find them in real life or online like this.

Feel free to leave a message.



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