Time management

You know how much time you have?

A lot.

Everyday you sleep around 8 hours, work around 8 hours and 8 hours to do whatever you want to do.

If you want to be succesful you integrate these last 8 hours in a way that will help your life like reading, writing, exercising, eating healthy, painting, creating art, creating music , meditating, exercising or just getting some useful skills whatever possible.

I hear you thinking, is that gonna sustain my life?

Well in the long run it is.

In the short run it isn´t.

Because if you start using these last 8 hours to benefit your life completely you will benefit from it during the first and the second 8 hours too.

They will benefit you as follows:

1. Reading or writing may help to understand more things, to get more knowledge, to be able to tackle tasks at hand or just to open your mind to whatever comes in. To play with certain perspectives and use them in day to day life.

2. Eating healthy, is important because it gives you energy and makes you feel good. If you don´t eat healthy you will suffer more and be able to do less. So take care of yourself and eat good. A lot of fruit and vegetables, the right oils, some protein and fats.

3. Painting or creating art, may help you to comprehend your subconsciousness in a way that creates meaningful pieces of art which you can keep and look at, or just share them with other people which benefits them and yourself in the long run. Creating something feels good and clears your mind.

4. Meditation, is important to clear your mind, to understand tyself, to explore the unknown, to deal with mental clarity and to embrace every part of yourself. It is difficult at first but after some practise you will be able to play with your consciousness and focus on the silence. You can meditate wherever you are, just remember to forgive and let go.

5. Exercising, is important for your health, your mood and your energy. Exercising keeps your body in shape and clears your mind so that you have new energy to use during your day to day life.

6. Useful skills, can be useful during your day to day life in a certain topic. For example starting to use Excel, Access, Photoshop, WordPress or something else which helps you to be more able to tackle tasks during your jobtime. Or just for your own use of it when you are creating something or keeping things together on your own computer.

So that was it, keep practising these things and your life will change, for the benefits, of the long run.

Make it a marathon and master these essential life skills.





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