Depression as a catalyst to freedom

Depression is like a mountain that is falling apart.

All the years you have built up a huge mountain, which, after a long time, begins to shake and fall apart.

During the breaking of of the mountain you will feel like you are loosing your mind. That nothing remains as it should be.

That all the things you knew or thought would be true, fall apart and brake.

You feel like a subtle savior who has to sail over a sea of the deep dark sea.

The only way to survive is to go through.

Nothing can help you but you, yourself, battling the storm.

It is the greatest challenge you have ever faced in your life.

That’s why you become depressed because all the energy is now focused inward, where a journey is unfolding, and not just a journey, it is as real as life threatening situations.

So a depression is on the outer surface like someone is just not there anymore and not feeling well, or just not happy anymore.

Well actually it is a complete turmoil inside your psyche.

You are drawn to the bottom of the sea and have to face many battles, from which the outcomes will determine your life that folds open in the near present future.

Could you imagine being lost at the bottom of the sea and having to deal with great monsters?

It is like hell.

Maybe it truly is hell where you have to go through.

If you don’t succeed you remain not at ease with life, but in conflict with life.

If you do succeed, the mountain that broke apart begins to transform into a huge iceberg that floats into the water of the sea.

Now you can float around and see life from multiple perspectives, in a way that opens your mind to new ideas, concepts, moments and understandings of what you are.

These new accomplishments are your new rewardings for all the things you have gone through.

The task is now to accept the situation, go further and learn to swim or float inside the sea.

When you become skilled in swimming in the sea you realize that it was not that bad, but you had to change to be able to be set free.

Now you are free and able to discover whole new paradigms that are happening inside you, the infinite ocean of happenings.

Would you dare to overcome a depression to be able to swim around freely?

If yes I will see you in next articles which will help you to do so.



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