Labyrinth of life

Imagine that you are in a labyrinth, where every move you make can affect the whole construction of the labyrinth.

When you open one door, another closes, disappears or brakes down.

It is difficult to know where you have began for that the whole setting is changing, all the time.

You have to be very careful for that every misstep causes you to be haunted bye demons and weird dangerous monsters.

These monsters are your own demons that will follow you wherever you go for that you did something wrong.

If you choose the right action, you will be rewarded with a new hint or insight that moves you further into the direction, the end result of the labyrinth, you want to go to.

So in order to fulfill the end goal of the labyrinth, to get out of it, you have to choose many directions, movements and actions.

If you do the wrong thing you will be haunted.

If you do the right thing you will be rewarded.

So the labyrinth can be super hard and tough, but also very awesome and cool.

It depends on your decisions and actions.

Now imagine that life is one big labyrinth where you have to decide every now and then what you are going to do.

The monsters or rewardings are your own precious karma that is reacting back to you.

I myself have been in the labyrinth for many years now.

It is very uncertain what it does and how it works.

I can only tell you that nothing is as it seems and when you feel lost you are on the right path.

When you think you know it you don’t know it.

It’s that complicated and easy at the same time.

Well, so, early on I have talked about escaping The Matrix and going down The Rabbit Hole, well this is part of that journey.

If you master this labyrinth you will be the master of your own precious life, and be able to influence others in a way that suits the innermost being and purpose of every single being out there.

So do you want to enter this labyrinth?

Know that you will be tested in every single way there is.

It is frightening and cool at the same time.

A door might be a trap, a ladder might be an escape, a wall might be a doorway.

It’s not shown until you are ready for the truth, the way to go, the way through.

So be sure to know what you will go through when you enter this magical phenomenal thing called, the labyrinth of life.

I enjoy it with some tough life challenges now and then.

For me it is rewarding in every single way.

But I had to be tested in every single way to be able to enjoy it.

That’s what the gods, the masters of life will show you when you want entrance into the depth of the soul, the tree of life, to get the elixer of life.

If you join I might see you.

I could even help you if you want to.

Just now that I can only give tips and tricks for that the labyrinth is an intelligence on itself so I cannot force or forecast it.

It is as natural as the universe.

As  complex as human beings.

As unpredictable as life.

And as beautiful as pure poetry.

So that was it for now.

Feel free to leave a message.



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