Recently I watched a documentary about meditation. It said that the goal is not to have many amounts of good feelings but to explore your mind just as it is. To not try to correct or push anything inside your mind but to be at ease with it and understand it as it is.

Just like a scientist tries to find out what reality is, how he or she can test and comprehend it, just the same you are watching your mind from the inside.

When you look inside your mind you will begin to see how it works and what it is doing while you are meditating. It is not easy at first but I promise you that some practice is totally worth it. The more you practice the easier it gets and the more at ease you will feel. Alltough it can be frightening and a hell of a job too when you go to your darker side and discover your fears, anxieties and Ā“demonsĀ“, you will feel less at ease and maybe even out of your mind. Know that that is completely normal and part of progressing through meditation and mindfulness.

So what does this all mean?

That meditation is about coming to your senses, watch it, observe it and try to understand it completely. This process can go on forever and gives you less anxiety, fear and stress and gives you more peace, fulfillment and joy.

So mindfulness is observing your mind and bye analyzing it you make your understanding about it more advanced and complete. The understanding of your own mind gives you control about what you want to do with your mind, body and spirit.

For example,

you might want to focus on one thing at a time,

understand where you anxiety is coming from,

trying to see what your thoughts look like,

trying to explore what is going on inside your mind.

When you begin to understand how your mind works you are getting more and more control over your life.


Just bye observing and watching your mind and when you ask questions to it answers will arise after a certain amount of time, so be not afraid to ask questions, it is good to do so. You can also read about what you want to discover or understand and realize that what you are trying to understand can be understood too. It sounds a bit over the top but thatĀ“s what meditation is all about. To discover your own truth. What you really are.

Focusing on one thing helps you to control your heart, which is your navigation system, and then you can decide what your heart can tick for. Remember that your heart knows what you want. The only thing is that your heart can be hijacked bye other people or marketing tricks so that you want to go for that one thing. This is something you donĀ“t want. ThatĀ“s why controlling your mind and heart is essential to your overal wellbeing for that you can compassionately guide your heart towards the thing or person it should be ticking for.

Then the question arises how can I control my mind and heart?

Well first of all try to practice meditation. Google for guided meditations and you will get started immediately. You donĀ“t have to sit in a fixed position or sit still. You can also be walking, laying down or just sitting on a chair. It is more about the inner happenings than about how you are sitting.

Then you need to practice to look within your heart with your mind. When you do so you are looking into your pure feelings that come from your heart and soul. This might not be easy at first but gradually over time you will understand what I am talking about.

So after you have done these two things you can start to point out what you want to do in life. What are your motivations, where do you want to use it for and how are you going to do that?

I know this sounds hard and difficult at first but in the long run it will be very clear. Just remember that life is not a destination. It is a long journey which will go on and on. So bye taking action right know you will change your life for the better, of yourself, your family, your friends, your community and whole society on earth.

If you want help in meditation or mindfulness you can search on google for guided meditations or mindfulness practices.

I hope you are doing well and developing your sense of self and overall well being through whatever you are doing. If you want to ask me something feel free to leave a message.

Thank you.



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