You know I just want to express my view about people because I want to make sure that people know their worth and know that they should not need to doubt themselves. Everybody is unique, authentic, doing something good in a way that suits them and others which is cool and fun. The ones who victimize or gaslight others are not the ones I am talking about, they don´t deserve my attention right know. The ones who do are there for others and love to express themselves.

Also the misfits, the loners who don´t know how to conform to the world´s expectations. To them I want to say that you don´t have to conform. Just be yourself and listen to your heart. Nobody owes you anything. Really nobody.

So actually every single human being has some goodness inside him or herself and uses that to find love, meaning or fulfillment. If you understand where someone is coming from you will start to appreciate that person for that you see something from yourself in someone else. It really gives you a feeling of recognition and connection when you meet someone and see something familiar in that person.

When you meet people who share something with you, you will be able to relativize your psychological situation. Especially when you have gone through some hard times it really releases some pressure and pain when you meet someone who listens to you in a way that makes you feel appreciated.

I myself try to listen to people who open up to me. They risk their feelings to me and that is something special for that they open up something that is important to them to me. When they do so I feel the need to listen carefully and respond with compassion and care for that he or she is being real to me. I really appreciate these moments.

When I had to go through hard times I had a few friends who listened to me and asked me how I was doing. I really appreciate these moments and can look back at them with a wonderful feeling of recognition.

So if you are having a hard time or are doubting yourself know that you are wonderful, humane and completely understandable. Just try to meet someone who will listen and appreciate you for who you are. Don´t expect everybody to do that but some will and those are the ones you should protect and keep as long as possible.

If you want to talk to me you can text me a message too. I really love to talk about difficult situations and I do want to help wherever it is possible.

Much love to you all.


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