Right now I am busy studying different subjects for the exams. When I do so I feel the need to focus on what I read. Whenever I lose focus or my attention I don´t understand what I am reading.

So what do I want to share with you today?

That focus is everything.

When you want to study, think, observe, watch or just wander around you need to focus your precious attention towards that one thing you want to accomplish.

Every successful person knows this secret.

That focus is everything.

So what you got to do is to bring your awareness to your attention and your attention to your mind, the task at hand or the topic you have to think about.

Then you need to keep that focus where you want it. Every time you lose focus you refocus your attention and after several times you will see that you begin to understand that one thing better than before you started focusing.

If you want to excel at something you have to practise focusing.

It is actually very easy. The only thing there is is that you need to be aware of the trick that needs conscious awareness to get started and that is your focus.

Did you already begin? Do you want to start focusing?

Go ahead and try it out for yourself.

Everyone does it on their own so how you do it does not matter.

The only thing you need to do is focus your attention towards that one thing you need to think about.

For example:
1. You want to focus on reading in a way that you understand what you are reading.
2. You want to think about the universe
3. You want to train your imagination
4. You want to lengthen your attention span
5. You want to observe your thoughts
6. You want to understand a certain theory
7. You want to observe nature
8. You want to focus on a certain game

With all these examples you need to focus your attention on the subject at hand. Become aware that your mind starts thinking about other things like doing grocery shopping, you need to go to the toilet, you are hungry, you want some water etcetera. Just not go into these thoughts.

Focus on the subject at hand where the thoughts are like this, what am I reading, what is the structure of this text, how is this corresponding to what I already know, what does this word say, what do I need to remember?

When you begin to see the thoughts that are useful for the task at hand and which aren´t you become a pro at focussing your attention towards the task at hand because you know where you have to focus on and doing that increases your ability to focus.

To sum up the one thing that is important for so many things is your focus, your attention which you can focus on a certain subject. When you do this you will start to see thoughts that will take you away from the present moment like, I need to go to the toilet, I want something to drink, oh I need to do grocery shopping today, all these kind of thoughts.

The trick is to focus on the subject and the thoughts that are necessary for that subject. For example thoughts like this, what am I reading, what is the structure of this text, how is this corresponding to what I already know, what does this word say, what do I need to remember?

So while you read my text you had to focus. How did it go and how can you improve your focusing to understand the text more fully in the near future?




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