Anxiety as a catalyst to an inner awakening

Be yourself.

Happy, sweet, soft, cute, honest, deep thinking, outgoing, empathic, strong, truthseeker, foolish rebel from time to time, open, intense and lovely.

Yes this is what I am.

I will always seek more, try more, be more.
I will always seek love.
I will always try to be love.
I will do my best to live life to the fullest.

It is in my hands to make life on earth beautiful.

It is my duty to lift people up and be ‘normal’ or ‘natural’.

That is what I do.

I bring life and make life worthy.

No matter what happens, I will survive, I know that completely because I died before I died.

I still know that Deepak Chopra talked about his book Superbrain, where you die before you die. I didn’t understood him at first but now I do and that feels good for that it is actually very easy, only you cannot force an awakening to happen. You must be truly willing to seek something beyond yourself so that is not to all the people on earth. Only a small percentage will seek so hard or wisely that they find something that is beyond and works like a catalyst to an inner awakening.

I thought when I was young that my life would be pointless for that I had a lot of anxiety, really a lot. I thought that if I couldn’t find a cure for my sweating I would die or just be unable to deal with life.

Now 6 years later I know that I will always sweat and be energetic and simultaneously anxious too. I love it, it is a part of me I would not like to loose. It is my gift to feel everything so deeply and widely.

I have many friends and am very sweet to most people for that I don’t see seperations but beautiful people who like to play and have some fun.

I can be rebellious too of course but that does not mean that I don’t like people when I do so. In contrary, because I like so many people I become rebellious to hierarchy and too much rules for that I want to hang out with everybody that I know of.

So I use that rebelliousness to keep people together and with me. I will not push them away for a job. I will keep them at work with me and at home. I want to be open and honest to all the people I know included colleagues and coworkers.

I cannot not be open or not honest and sweet to people. It is in my nature to talk openly to every single human I encounter. No matter if you are my boss or not. Of course it is easier to talk to people who are even but even a boss is actually even, only the rules make it look like it’s different while we are the same. I am okay with that and accept that. It’s something I see and know so that is okay.

I want to keep meeting new people, go for adventures and be more honest and soft to people I know.

Life is full of wonders and I am ready to experience them.

Thank you.


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