Trip: Through the Dark Night of the Forest

Imagine that you are going on a field trip with some friends or colleagues. During the trip you will enter a danger zone called ´The Dark Night of the Forest´, where real dangerous animals are walking around searching for food. Many unprepared human beings die in this forest. There is no safe passage to the other side of the forest which means that only highly dedicated and prepared people can get through alive.

Do you want to plan a trip which will be life demanding, follow this script and you will be prepared in a way that you are able to tackle life obstacles and make sure you have everything you need to start the trip you want to take.

Before you leave you have to come up with all the risks that will come up when you enter the forest.

For example:
– No place to sleep
– Dangerous animals
– Food shortage
– No wood to make fire
– Thunderstrike which could be lethal
– Mosquito´s
– Someone gets an injury

The next step to take is to take action so that these risks are covered.
The following things are needed:
– Map out the whole forest before you leave
– Take some tent to sleep in with you
– Get enough food for the whole trip with you
– Take a firelight with you
– Take a pocket knife with you
– Take a mosquito-net with you
– Take a first aid kit with you

So this all is still preperation, so you have to take everything into consideration and then make sure you have all the equipment you need to go for the trip.

During the trip you will be faced with a lot of obstacles and smashbacks. It is your task to manage them and take proper decisions so that nobody gets in a dangerzone and you all stay hydrated and that there is enough food to carry you all on.

That is not easy because you might come face to face with a bear, be striked bye thunder, fall from a hill or just get sick and ill during the trip. Well what you do then is all up to you and that means that someones life can be in your hands.

What do you do?
Well first of all you need a clear mind. Without that you will make the wrong choices. So think about the necessary things that are needed and only keep in mind which things are needed for that day only. So skip the thoughts about something that happened two years ago in these woods and only think about the practical thoughts like where do we need to go, is everyone still safe, is everyone hydrated, what is the weather like, when do we shelter or sleep in our tent?

It is the task to keep your mind clear and only let the useful thoughts stay in the background. When you do so you will be able to tackle every obstacle with well-thought decisions which will happen fluently.
These are as follows:
– You are able to take everybody to a safe place when a dangerous animal is coming
– You are able to help someone who has an injury
– You are able to shelter at a place that is safe due to your vigilance
– You are able to know when something is coming your way and when it is all clear
– You can mentor all the people that are with you in a way that they know what is happening and feel safe with you as a guide through the forest

So you can take every step there is and still face something unexpectable. Well that is the dangerous aspect of the trip and the only thing you can do is prepare and keep your mind sharp and updated so that you can manage all the risks and obstacles that come your way.

I hope you got some insight in what it takes to make a safe trip through ´The Forest of the Dark Night´, and see and know that it is necessary to take some proper preparations when you go on a trip through a forest like this.



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