Soul Searching

Imagine you are suffering your whole life. All of a sudden you realize you are in heaven. Then you start thinking about all the beautiful things in life.

After many years you feel blessed. But you won’t stay there forever. All of a sudden you find hell. There is no door to heaven anymore. That one is burned away.

Now think about being in hell after several years of being in heaven. Life begins to look terrifying and dangerous. It is from the perspective of hell. You still have some strange sense of knowing what heaven was like. But you can’t go back. No you have to go through hell. From the beginning till the end. No shortcuts or ways out.

How do you do it? Prepare yourself in a way that you know you are in hell and that there is no way back. So you have to start studying and learning all the aspects of hell so that you can go through completely. And when you manage to do so, you will be left over between heaven and hell and can choose where to live.

Some say hell is evil but it is not the case. Of course evil might arise from it but I think it is more a protection level of being human. It fights and pushes away everything that is not ‘right’ or a ‘danger’. It is not bad or evil. It can be destructive and that could be evil. But when it is focused on other things than human beings it could be used as a powerful  energysource in a non-destructive way.

Heaven is more about forgiving and embracing every single human being. To bring hope and faith. This area makes life meaningful and finds goodness.

In the middle you don’t do any of these. You observe and balance your way through life. No hateful fights, no forgiving necessary for that you are in between where peace flourishes.

Now imagine you can transcend heaven and hell in a way that you can navigate through both places and be able to breath during your way through and make yourself feel comfortable at both places.

From that moment you are beyond heaven and hell for that what first looked like heaven and hell are now two places you feel home in and can move through into every direction that is possible.

You now know the rules, the people, the desires, the motivations, the root problems and solutions of mankind and are able to think about it clearly without being blasted away.

I think real heaven is to go beyond heaven and hell and realize it just is a sort of place you live in and where you can get stuck or be able to make it your own bye going beyond.

It is like you have two hemispheres inside you which you accept and see as it is. Now you can move over it, under it and sidewards along it and see what it is and does.

While you are watching you see that life happens in these places and you don’t have to do anything in order for it to work out. It happens bye itself.

Now there you reach a point where you can change what is happening in there bye using your conscious awareness.

Every karmic lesson will be learned here for that everything happens before you and you see and know everything you did and received.

Well karma is about what you do that comes back to you in a form of a response to what you sended out.

So be careful and choose wisely what you do.

Some life examples who changed things beyond these places are as follows:

– Buddha who went beyond and teached many people how to get there.

– Jesus made up heaven and hell and made his way through to heaven and gave man a mission to aim for. He called it the will of God and when you focus on him you will go to heaven. (This is actually going beyond and then you can decide to go to heaven bye your conscious choices)

– Friedrich Nietzsche went beyond and teached about heaven and hell in a way that you can overcome it. He had the key from his own demons. Unluckily he got caught up bye is own demons and went neurotic or crazy sometimes. Despite that he had a lot of insight into the nature of man.

– Carl Jung mapped out the subconsciousness of mankind and saw that he worked from hell so that he could really make a change in people’s psychological development. He mapped out the archetypes, Animus, Anima and persona’s of mankind.

Now which place or area do you live in and what do you want to go to or do with it?

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