Shape shifting in your consciousness

Shape shifting inside your consciousness. Is that happening to you?

Allright so here we go then.

It is about becoming who you are. Not the personal facade that has a career. No the true self inside you. There you are connected to. You are the awareness behind it and will only be able to know that once you let go of everything what you are.

For example, you need to let go of your career modus where you are a businessman, a teacher, an actor or something else.

The imprint in your mind is made up your whole life, so the image you have of yourself gradually builds itself up.

Not one image, no multiple images of what you are. But these are all illusions, they are not real.

Only the inner happenings are real. You can only see them when you quieten the mind and focus inwardly. It is hard at first but with some practice you will succeed to do so.

What happens when you start seeing inner happenings?

Your outer image of yourself starts to shake. It becomes less important to you. That’s why you will dissociate from those images. This feels wrong or bad, know that it is a process, also called ‘ego death’. It is not nothing and may feel like a turbulence.

That’s why I am guiding you bye writing you this.

Only hold on to the awareness behind. Let go of every image you have of yourself. Those will fade away. Only truth can stay alive and will do so.

It can be hard at first to see that you have lived a life completely for the outer world and then realize it is all an illusion.

Know that you are not lost or alone. Quite the opposite. Many have to go through this process of awakening and many will have to give up some outer realities to center themselves and be who you really are.

It may feel not so good but trust me it is the way to go. Many ancient teachers and meditators talk about it. It is the only way to true happiness and fulfillment. Otherwise you are lost and always seeking something. Seeking won’t stop unless you seek inward where you will be rewarded immediately without the need to buy anything. It is free and your work from inside pays itself off bye pleasure.

So if you are coming down to consciousness and are asking yourself questions like what is happening, am I lost or am I mentally ill?

Know that this is a completely normal and natural process and you will begin to see what it is and why it happens. It takes a little time but in the long run it will reward you and show you the depth of your own soul and of life itself.

On this blog I write about many topics, from philosophy to psychology to spirituality. If you want to know more just click on certain topics and you will find the posts that belong to you.

Thank you and keep going.



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