Deep conversations

I take a look back and think about my past. I see it and think about how beautiful it is. I want others to know it, feel it and taste what I know because they should know how they are and that can be done bye deep conversations. I want to talk to my best friends about what kind of insights I gathered for the last six years and give them something in reward for their inspiration that they have given me. I cannot help but feel the need to deliver quality of quantity in a way that the message is fine and clear. I don´t need to prove myself or make sure everybody likes me. I do want to share things that I think is important to know and should be shared with the ones I deeply care about in a way we can go on with life and make it worth living for again.

I know not everybody will stay on my path and might leave me right away. This is part of the process where I go through and that is completely normal. Just know that I want to share something with you that I think is important if you like it or not. If you don´t like it you don´t have to accept it, you can leave it as it is.

I only come here to make right appointments to meet some human potential that has always been there and still is. Maybe I am writing you this to restore some past ties and to bond with each other again and unite beneath the sun, the moon and the stars so that we can celebrate life, embrace life, create life, and be life.

Thank you my dear friends.

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