New Earth

Energy is loosening, I feel lighter and brighter, it moves through my body. I feel it and it becomes alive. A wonderful feeling to be experiencing. Not many will feel it and know about it. I can tell you it´s not what it looks like but quite the opposite, it is only seeable with the mind who looks within. Only then you can know and see what is going on in life and see thunderstorms, earthquakes and tornado´s from miles away coming. They sound like some buzz that is coming from far and reaches the sky above your head and bursts out like energy exploding and deloading. The whole ecological system is moving around planet earth in ways that keeps nature in balance. Without this there would be no breathing air, no trees, no plants, no animals and no not even human beings. Only a planet from water and land. That would be total chaos and lifeless.

Luckily we live on a planet where life is possible, plants can grow, animals can live and the fauna is on. It nevers stops, it is always on and keeps moving in harmonious ways. The natural ways of being come out of it and they sprout out new life forms and merge new stardust with cognictive ectasy so that new neurons are shooting through the universe from a place called earth.

Earth is our home, our basis, the place from where we start. Without earth we cannot live and without earth there would be no more days to count on the human time line. That´s why we need to be careful so that we do not destroy ourselves or all the animals on this planet.

We need to look to for ways how we can adapt to nature in a way that is natural and keeps every energypattern in charge. Even though that is the goal some negativity strings should be abandoned completely so that more peace and positivity can flourish.

I know this sounds like a fairytale or like a dream but it is the only way to make life suitable for the future and be able to deal with life obstacles.

It is that dreams alter the perception of humanity so that life can find new destinations. Here a short poem:

Without dreams mankind looses faith,
without faith mankind looses sight,
without sight mankind becomes blind,

to truth,
to the environment
to the entire universe.

That´s why I am writing you this to say to you that it is okay to eat meat from know and then but I hope you know that animals die and suffer deeply for it so please stop doing it as much as possible.

Also going on wasting the planet physically is okay, just know that one day it should be made clean again and that is very difficult so I hope you don´t do it too much and put your trash into the garbage can.

Last but not least, I hope you treat each other with respect and let people live. Animals have rights, so human should have rights too. I know this sound cliche but we human beings may be even harder than tigers or elephants for that we torture and kill animals and human beings for the sake of a mental state activity which is consciously made so.

Then I hear you asking what about the real polluters of the planet?

I hope the government will reach an agreement where there will be tax on meat, tax on the industry and ways to transfer to renewable energy like solar panels and windmills.

As long as they can go on nothing will change. That´s why real interference is necessary and a real debate should be going on and on and on. This is just the beginning of a new planet earth.

Earth where animals walk around freely in special made habitats.
Earth where children can play and learn freely.
Earth where spirituality is part of daily life.
Earth where new born children are not dimmed down but left open for their fresh and new energy and creatitvity.

Earth where education is focused on the student and not on the teacher.
Earth where sacred places are positioned in ways that people can alter their perception of time and reality which is fun and educative at the same time. (New cultural values)
Earth where new governments can be tested which interfere or compete with already existing governments which will rapidly change the course of life on earth.
Earth where an universal basic income is put through in every country there is.

That was it for today. I hope you liked it and see something in it that could help you remind yourself of what you are and where you are heading to. I will try to do the same. It feels unsafe and a bit fragile sometimes but it is the only way to keeping moving forwards and to help each other with whatever you want to accomplish in life.

Much blessings to you.


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