Emotional disturbance

Have you ever felt locked up in yourself while your mind is running on a highway? Well that is what a psychosis, neurosis or other form of a mental illness looks like.

It only is an illness for that it alters your perception and mind in a way that could create heavy havoc with life in general and the people that are close to you.

So it is important that whenever you are having racing thoughts inside your head and you feel locked up inside yourself, that you find something that can transform these thoughts or focus all the attention you have in a activity that brings you back to the moment.

If that does not happen you will stay high up in your mind and that is not always what your body wants.

So it is also about learning to listen to the body intelligence and to learn to trust it.

It is not easy and I myself am just beginning to understand or feel the way the body works but I think it is necessary to overcome trauma or deep pain for that movement frees your trapped energy that is still there in your body and muscles.

So you can do it bye meditating, doing yoga, doing sports, having a hobby or just creating something.

If you are coping with an addiction or dealing with depression or a psychosis, I do recommend to check what the actual state of your psychological and overal health is to be sure.

It might have very different reasons you are having these thoughts and it might be linked to a spiritual awakening but that is not always the case and even tough it is you can always let yourself check at a health institute which is the place to go for a cover up because you don’t have to do it completely alone.

Know that there are a lot of people out there who can help you out there with whatever you are dealing with.

Only if you stand open for change and want to make your life work again. Otherwise it will not work and you stay in the past which haunts you back if you do not look out.

Yours sincerely,


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