Dealing with Darkness of yourself and others

Carl Jung stated, “Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.”

Have you ever felt the sensation that someone is being very mean to you in a way they don´t even know themselves? Do you find it hard to see people do harmful things to others? Are you afraid that people might hurt you?

In this post I want to openly talk to you about the darkness within and how you can deal with it. The darkness I am talking about is about the things you actually don’t want to acknowledge inside yourself and because of that reject or repress it.

It are the things inside yourself that go against your build up egoconstruction which has a moral code and feels ‘good’ and wants to do everything to keep that going.

Everyone of us has some side inside him- or herself that comes from the darkness and is hard to acknowledge the existence of it to yourself or others. I think every single human being in one point in their life knows that some tension or unhappiness comes not from blaming other people for their mistakes but from some deeply inherited patterns that lay down inside your own shadow.

I do want to say that you don’t have to worry that it is ‘bad’ or something that is frightening to look up to. It is actually your best friend inside yourself which wants to be friends with you again.

When you find the deep core beliefs inside your psyche you can see what you have done in the past. This is an generational accumulation of happenings that go back to the ancient times of pure survival to the modern world which make you you and might cause you a lot of pain and suffering if you don’t know what is happening and how you can deal with it.

Well how to deal with your darkness and eventually with those of others?

First thing you could to is to keep a journal where you note your dreams. Your dreams show you where you think about and what your inner landscape looks like. It is advisable to write your dream down every morning and when you do this for a certain time you will start to see patterns of what your dreams look like and eventually trace them back to your daily life for that  in some way they might come to the surface and become in one form or another a reality.

Second you could  start journaling about your fears and the things you reject or repress. I would recommend to keep it to yourself so that you don’t create a feeling of unsafety which causes more suffering for that others might react differently than you expected.

So the darkness within is the place which is the scariest place you know of inside yourself which, after making it conscious, becomes your golden secret place where you want to gravitate to for that this place gives you strength, hope, insight and a feeling of wholeness.

You don’t have to go fast or map out everything all at once. Just start slowly bye acknowledging small amounts of darkness in a pace that suits you. Only when you feel ready enough you can go a little step further. If you go too fast you might hinder your process for going too fast.

“Keep it simple and stick to your own pace.”

So it is not necessary to do but I highly recommend it if you want to know yourself a little bit better and feel the need to deal with your own darker thoughts and eventually of others in a way that could be giving strength and a clear sight for what you want to do in life.

If you want to know more about darkness or the shadow aspect of the self I highly recommend reading or watching Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who has many video’s on youtube where he talks about the shadow of man. Also in his books he talks about dreamlanguage, the personality types (MBTI Personality Types), man in search of a soul and a lot of more topics to explore.

I hope this post gives you some piece of work that could help you on your way to inner fulfillment.



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