True healing

Many ask me the question where I believe in.

I want to share you my view on certain things and hope that that could give you some clarity.

Since I was a child I believed in a Christian God, I went to the church every Sunday with my family. I liked it and enjoyed the ambiance of seeing people and listening to inspiring words in the church.

Even tough I strongly believed in God and heaven I lost my believe in God when my grandmother died. I had prayed for weeks to beg God to let her survive. Although I did everything I could she soon died in a hospital due to blood cancer.

This moment challenged my way of thinking about God.

What is God?

Does praying help?

Is God there for everyone?

These questions arise and I want to keep them open for debate. I won’t go into them in detail for that I want everybody to follow their own path and if that is related to God I will not try to debunk God for you.

I only want to share my way of life and strongly believe in healing the karmatic debt from myself and that of all the ancestors.


Because here the power arises and lays down the root causes of all the criseses, epidemics and illnesses of human kind.

So to go to this place is to truly heal the soul of mankind in a way that heals those who are ready and open for light to come in.

I believe that working on your karmatic debt helps you to find inner fulfillment and could help those close to you to find their way through too.

So it is not a God I believe in but a healing power that has always been with me and will always be with me. When I focus on that I feel like I found God inside myself and I think that is the reason to believe in something for that it works and as long as it works you can believe in it.

I hope this believe will never die and stays here on Earth for as long as possible for that true healing is necessary to go beyond pure survivalmode into higher dimensions that will transcend humanity.

It is not easy and I think no religion should be easy for that true understanding or development happens only to those who work hard on themselves and are the light they want to be.

I hope you find your light and see me at the other side. Not in Heaven, nor in Hell but with two feet in the ground of mother Earth and touching the stars with our hands.

Much blessings will happen from there.



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