The wonders of life

Humming bees guide the way through the undiscovered places of the jungle.

Humming sounds vibrate you into realms of transcendence and abundance to make you feel light and alive.

Trees hear you whispering in their ears like snails on a highway.

They nourish your soul and guide the way.

To tomorrow.

To the ancient past.

And to that which has never existed.

The mystery of life. Of the universe that is whispering music into multidimensional ways of seeds that can be send and received.

Be open my dear and you will find what is there and I can tell you it is forever incomplete.

So incomplete that it always adds some flowers to the bushes and some stars in the sky so that you can bath beneath the sun and we can live in peace and die forever in our hearts which broadcasts serenity.

Oh my dear please hear me out.

Oh my dear please take me in.

Oh my dear I am near your soul.

Blast me fully and I enter your womb.

It is never open and closes only to be merged with a new birth of life that comes closer.

To the secrets of life.

To the mystery of the screaming baby that comes out.

To the sound of a dog that wants something to eat.

As a windmill turning rounds and rounds to generate electricity for in your house and delivers you the bill.

Oh dear God I feel you in my secret chambre.

It is not lost.

No it is found.

But stay wise and don’t become too bound.

To others.

To things.

To mental constellations.

And free your soul of asterilization.

A feeling of mapping your mind in and zooning out.

It is my natural way of being and that is my vow.

Thank you for being here I could not write this without you shining like a wonder that comes out.



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