Letting go of perfectionism

What to do when you want to be perfect all the time?

Imagine you are going through life with many obstacles. During the first chapter of your life time you discover that people say things to you that could be mean, offensive or cruel.

When you now move on through life you may start to feel insecure or unworthy for that people called you weak, shy, ugly or too sensitive.

This might trigger some emotional reactions inside yourself like why do they say that? Am I weak? Am I shy? Am I ugly? Am I too sensitive?

Well you see it coming that these feelings are not so preferable to have. It is so that these feelings make you feel insecure.

Some walk with many emotional ties to such a thoughts and don’t know anything about it.

So the inner drive to always be perfect might come from the root of being called shy, sensitive, ugly or weak, which will determine your life outcomes in a way that could be harmful and misleading.

So why feelings of unworthiness might cause overperfection?

Well first of all you want to prove to the ones which called you ugly, sensitive or shy that you are not that and are better or different than that.

What might happen is that you want to become super lean, fit, healthy, perfectly beautiful, or liked bye everyone.

You might want to prove to the ones who said things to you that you are not these things. It is hard because how can you prove that you are not shy, cruel, ugly or too sensitive?

It is so that you might be sensitive or have something on you that feels different than some others have and this causes you to suffer.

It is the task to accept everything you are and be at ease with what you are.

What might happen if you don’t accept yourself completely and start to fix yourself is that you want to do something about it. That is healthy. Only know that too much can hurt you in the long run.

You can try to shape the tree and make it ‘perfect’ or you can let it grow and let it be as it is and make it the way you want it to. And not like a perfectly straight tree for the reason that all trees are straight.

If you get what I am saying you see that it is okay to be fit, healthy, busy with your looks or body but know that it is never perfect because perfection does not exist.

You grow like you are a tree that is beautiful as it is. No matter what roots you have or waves or curves you see, you are enough and beautiful as you are. You don’t have to fit into an image of an average tree that looks straight. Even a straight tree has its differences. No tree is the same.

So it is about letting go of perfection and seeing that the ones who called you ugly, shy or sensitive are insecure about themselves and that you should not take that personal.

In the next chapter of your life you can take action. You can only be yourself and work on yourself every day so that you become who you want to be.


Bye discovering your inner frameworks and to guide yourself through into the direction you want to go to. Know that it is a long journey and that perfection does not exist. A small amount of change could make your life bearable and worth living for and that is something to aim for.

So feel free to leave a message and know that you are beautiful as you are and that overperfection is not necessary to live a beautiful life.



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