Setting some goals

When I do so sports I want to go all the way. Only when the finish or end of the run is there I stop. I will do everything I can to make it to the finish. It is not hard but asks a certain willpower or dedication bye which you focus on the journey where you need to survive and move over obstacles and get to the next level until you reach your destination.

During the journey you will fail a lot of times and that takes a lot of time and energy. Failing is a useful teacher who guides you through life. When you fail you are almost forced to reflect on what you are doing. Through reflection you see things you wouldn’t ever come up with if you didn’t fail.

So if you want to grow and improve (for what improvement is) your life you need to accept that failing is part of that growth.

When you learn from your failures you prepare yourself for future possibilities. When you don’t learn from these moments you will repeat the past over and over again just like you did before. That is not bad but might hinder your growth and that is something that could stop you form being who you really are. And that is unfortunate to not reach your full potential.

So in order to move on you can try to learn from your mistakes. Bye doing so you open yourself up to become a better version of yourself. This feels unsafe at first but after many trials and errors you will see that it truly is helping you to become the best version of yourself.

Now to help yourself reach full potential is to set some proper goals because they help you to aim for future accomplishments that happen from the present moment where these goals are build up due to time and energy that is dedicated to a certain set of goals.

So in order for to reach full potential you could set some goals whereon you will focus on the next couple of days, weeks, months or even years.

For me it is something like this.
1. Mountainbiking Green Parcour
2. Running 5km
3. Start doing survival
5. Write in depth
6. Do shadow work
7. Keep a journal
8. Graduate from highschool
9. Find a job

I use goals to motivate myself and to aim for something that challenges me to move on and keep overcoming life obstacles. As you can see some goals are easy measurable and some not. The first three goals can be measured and accomplished in that sense. The other goals are more like hobbies which remind me of myself and in what I am doing so these are more like habits I want to integrate.

Are you setting some goals too? Are you challenging yourself?

Feel free to say something below.


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