Serving humanity

Sometimes I wonder about what humanity is and how I or others could help to serve humanity in a way that could transcend humanity at large.

To do so I will examine the question what humanity is and does.

First of all let me be clear that you cannot grasp humanity with your hands, nor count it with your mind, it is an ongoing process of being ´humane´ to each other where every single human being is compassionate or accepting to the other as if he or she is like him or herself. That is to say that you see the other as if you look at yourself and bye seeing the other as yourself you see that everything you do will happen to yourself too.

So when you hurt someone else you might risk the change of being hurt yourself too. When you forgive or treat the other like you would want to be treated yourself you will probably receive that too. Of course everybody has the capability to treat someone as he or she wants, but in general you will get back what you do to others for that they mirror yourself in a way that you get back what you did to the other.

This may sound difficult but doesn’t have to be for that it is already implemented in many religions and wisdom of ancestors who walked the path before us.

Namely, Jesus Christ who said,´Do to others as you would have them to you’, and walked a path of enlightenment in a way that he served humanity and showed everyone what it should look like. Jesus was a true healer who served mankind to heal each other and to make peace possible and teach each other about karma and walk the path towards inner fulfillment.

The wisdom he spoke is still relevant today for that he understood some basic principles of life namely karma and love in a way that he saw that how you treat others is how you really are and when you treat others in a way that helps the other than you are helping yourself too.

Know that helping someone could be helpful for the other but wanting to help too much might be serving your ego instead of the other. So always keep in mind that help is okay but only when necessary and never ever push help or ask something in return for your help for that true help is unlimited and asks nothing back for that when you are fulfilled from the inside you don’t need anything in return. You just give and will be rewarded bye the true realization that people are getting up alive again and that is worth more than a thousand pieces of gold so don’t ask anything in return but wait for the true reward that comes from within.

Every single moment you have the choice to change the way you treat others for that you can decide who you want to be and what you don’t want to be. Please don’t listen to those who say you are nothing, a misfit or an invaluable person. That is only being said to mislead you and that is a good test to know if you are ready for something bigger but while you are being tested, just don’t listen to it.

I know that you won’t get respect from everyone. It is not possible to get that. What you can get is self-trust or self-love in a way that you respect yourself and when you respect yourself others will do that (most of the times) too. Even when you don’t get respect you still have self-compassion or self-love and that will help you to deal with situations and people that are not there to help you but test you out.

So if I have to say what humanity is, I would say the basic movements human beings make in order to feel validated, respected, loved and appreciated without using anything like power, sabotage or manipulation to get that feeling of true self-worth or love.

That is real humanity. To stay noble and help each other forward in a way that every human being can get something out of you in a way that is freeing him or her from anxiety, stress or illnesses, for that that is true healing and healing brings mankind closer to being humane and that is a goal to aim for.

*Healing has some dangerous sides too but that is something I will discuss later on.*

For this post, I hope to make clear that humanity is the basic movements of being humane to each other in a way Jesus and many others did and see that it is possible in our lives of today too to live towards inner fulfillment and serve humanity at large without the need to hurt or sabotage someone else.

I hope you will feel some spark of humanity in you bye reading this and hope you will continue to embrace that spark of humanity and see and feel the ancient teachings of our ancestors that will guide us through the deepest and darkest moments.



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