Follow your inner drive

We live in a world where there is constant flow of attention and people talking to each other in a way that keeps itself busy and busy.

There seems to be no stop or end in talking, consuming or getting attention.

What is there to live for if there is no attention seeking device like a mobile or television?

What happens when the internet goes out and you are left with yourself and others?

Total panic?

Total wipe out of existence of all life on earth?

Total silence?

No I think life will be pretty much the same. The only thing that changes is the way people behave and talk to each other. I think it opens ways for some real talk to pass through.

Do you remember a time when you were hanging out on the streets, at school, in a library with other friends and just doing nothing but hanging out and being with each other?

These moments give comfort, a feeling of connection and a feeling of belonging to something or each other.

It is in these moments that mobile phones or a television aren’t necessary to be at ease with life. In these moments you feel like you belong to a group or to a feeling of being together and feeling good about it.

Out of these moments arise curiosity, adventure and a urge to do something in life. Many people hang around with each other and want to do things. Some manage to do sports, go for some adventure or go for a walk together. Others may seek drugs or alcohol to try other things out.

None of these things are bad. It is just that I feel that that true honest and raw expression of curiosity and adventure is the life source of all important things and can be useful and destructive.

I hope that somebody reads this and recognizes these moments and sees that he or she wants to be curious about something and seeks adventure too.

I myself tried smoking cigarettes, doing drugs and others things to fill up that space. I do not feel sorry for doing all these things. What I do feel sorry about is that many people walk around with an addiction. I think that is part of our time crisis we live in. We live in a world that is being bombarded with attention, pressure and high goals to aim for. Everybody in society knows this feeling of needing to achieve something at work or at school.

Every teacher or boss is telling you what to do. You know you can do these things or try to do so but you know you want more or something else than just doing things for someone else. You want adventure, true connection and being able to stay curious about life and people. You want vacation where you touch freedom and good feelings with friends and strangers that lift you up. Then you go back to work and realise that you want to go back to vacation. What the hell do I need to do to get that same feeling again? What can I do to be with my friends again in a way that you can chill out and have a good time together?

Well I can tell you one thing. That is all up to you. If you want to chill out or do something with others, go out there and meet your friends. Meet that person you want to talk to. No matter how high your risk or wall is you have to climb over to get to talk to them. Just start putting yourself out there. It is not easy, it is not, but if you truly want to be curious, adventurous and share that with someone else you have to seek moments where you can be adventurous and curious.

See that the inner urge can drive you to useful things and destructive things. Try to move towards the useful things like sports, working out, reading, studying, working on yourself, gettin yourself out there or just going for a walk every now and then. Avoid taking too much drugs or alchohol. Believe me that is not the answer to life obstacles. They make it seem easier but in the long run they will shoot you in your back while you move forward.

So what to do next?

See that inside yourself lies down a person who wants to be free, to explore the world, to meet new moments and be in an unpredictable or free world.

How can I do adventurous or curious things in a world that seems to be controlled bye the ‘elite’?

Well bye owning your own psychological freedom and start working on yourself and seeing that you decide what you do with your time. You decide what you do in your spare time. You decide what you do in your daily life.

If you are doing things you don’t like, start searching for things you do like and work towards it until the point you reach something that makes your life happy or worth living for.

Know that you cannot escape society, you can only learn to work with it in a way that you can move towards the direction you feel belonged, safe and worth being at.

Such a place can be a business you like, do volunteering work, work at a school, a university or the government. Work at a hospital or a lab where you can do research, or in the healthcare or tourism industry. There are a lot of different jobs out there and one might suit your life career in the long run. Aim for that job and keep focusing on your own pathway and maybe you will reach a point where you have that job and are running things that you couldn’t have imagined before you got it.

Search for yourself what you want to do and seek something that suits your rawest interests. Know that jobs are not completely suited for you, that’s why you have to make the job you want according to your own expectations in a way that suits you and the overal organisation or institution you work at.

I started this post about a feeling of adventure and curiousity.

In order to keep that inner drive on is to search for something where you can stay curious and be adventurous at.

If you cannot do it at work you can do it in your spare time.

When you are able to find the balance between work and spare time, curiosity and adventure you feel alive and able to tackle obstacles with more precision than when you dim out your inner drive and say to others that life is not worth living for, that you are not good enough or that society is bad or not good for you.

No, you are responsible for your life and no one else. If your job is asking too much of you, try to find out what the causation is or ask for help before your burn yourself out.

If you see that people are there to help you life becomes more liveable than when you think that society or people are against you. The opposite is true, that many people do want to help you. The only task is to talk to the right person at the right time and take self responsibility so that you make choices that suit your life and not that of others.

Now where are you waiting for?

Start tuning in to your own inner drive, to your curiosity, to your urge for adventure and start making it useful for the way your life works out.

It is truly possible to find your inner drive and create the life you want.

You just have to start and never give up.

Go in small steps and walk further and further.

At some point you look back and only see your own footsteps and nothing else.

That is the point where you know that you touched your inner drive and followed it through.

I wish you the best along your road.



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