Walking down the street

I see you walking down the street

You talkin like you eat some meat

I wonder like you aren´t sweet

You kill animals like it is the way to beat

An animal to death without one single breath

You go on talkin like shit

I wonder like why are you like this

It is no joke that you are an asshole

But you know I break out like a whole

Person walking down the street

Gathering up vibes instead of eating meat

I feel good about it

I know what I see

It is wonderous and secret without a single doubty

It is wonderous for thousy

Go on and walk the path

Of enlightenment and we

Walking down to heaven

And serenity



Going up like super thousand

Secrets opening up some streets

For true light coming through

That´s not for free

But for you and everyone else

Come over and celebrate it with me

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