Working on yourself

You see sometimes I think I don’t have to do anything to change my life.

Sometimes I think I need to be perfect to go on in life.

Then I search for a middle way where I work on myself and let go of the tensional thoughts to be perfect or the need to work on myself.

When I do so I feel like a human being that is just doing his best to live a life fulfilling life.

It is actually not hard to work on yourself. It only asks a certain mindset to be able to accept change.

Change from inside where your belief systems are challenged and your thoughts that will fade away.

Change from the outside where you begin to look more clear and sober.

Change from your habits and wantings.

All of this is interrelated with things that change about you.

You cannot stop this process for that it is the universes way to keep changing.

When I cling on to change I know I will be safe.

When I cling on to old belief systems I am going to be smashed against a wall for sure.

So I try to cling on to change and hope that in the long run it will boost my life and help to live the life I suppose to live.

I think that faith can be changed when you work on yourself and that when you start working on yourself you will meet different outcomes than when you think your life is in the hands of someone else or something else.

There is actually no one telling you what to do as long as you don’t accept it as it is.

That’s why you can win your power back bye starting to think for yourself.

It may be hard at first but eventually you will be at ease with the process of becoming your strongest and wisest version.

It takes many lessons to keep going.

Life will throw them at you if you keep moving forward.

No matter how small your steps are, you are able to move further and grow along the way.

I hope you find your path and keep moving forward so that true life potential can work itself out.



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